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Bespoke Website

All of our websites are custom built to your specifications. We do NOT palm you off with a template website. Our clients are important to us and we recognise the need for individual requirements and specifications. We let you guide us on the look and feel of your website.

Accident Management

All accident claim files are stored in the system and incoporate driver/owner, passenger, third party, witness details. Each file can be micro managed and you can raise invoices and upload files (word documents etc) to each case.

Client Callback and Claim Form

Potential clients can request a callback and fill out a comprehensive claim form on-line. This improves the customer experience and helps reduce time spent on the phone by your staff. All callbacks and claim forms are displayed instantly in the Management System and can be viewed and dealt with accordingly.

Client Management

Client data is split into sections to simplify the data entry and managment. Personal, insurance, injury, hire, storage, recovery, and engineer reports can be added and controlled seperately for each client. Third party and witness information can be added for each accident.

Multiple Branches

Add as many branches as required to divide and manage your business. All users are allocated branches making it simple to restrict access to claims for a speciic branch.

System Reminders

Control system reminders for overdue hires, engineer reports, or inactive accident files and many more. The frequency of the reminders can be set via the CMS giving total control of this feature.

Solicitor Management

Allocated solicitors can also access the CMS and view data for all assigned cases. This feature is optional and can be used for specific solicitors depending on how you run your business.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet of vehicles and allocate them to clients for hire. Vehicles can be assigned to each branch and are only made available for hire to clients within those branches.

Hire, Storage and Recovery Management

Client hire and accident storage and recovery details are stored for each case making it simple to track data and finances. Invoices can be generated and printed for hire, storage and recovery for each individual driver, passenger or owner.

Multiple Access Levels

The Content Management System has multiple access levels allowing you to assign different tasks to staff memebers. Each access level has a different set of functions available making it easy to delegate and control your business.

HTML Content Editor

Updating the content on your website could'nt be easier with the WYSIWYG HTML Editor. You can switch to raw HTML is you prefer to write content without the MS Word style editor.

Calendar and Organiser

Manage your time and appointments with the easy to use calendar feature. The organiser lets you create personal notes or messages to the system notice board.

Enhanced Website Features

There are many other features available with our bedpoke websites like:

* On-line Claim Form
* Customer Testimonials
* Customer Comments
* Request a Callback

Reports and Analytics

A wide range of reporting tools are available to help you organise and manage your business.

* Company Cars
* Audit
* Invoice
* Member
* Overdue Payment
* System Usage
* On-the-Road Hire
* Taxi Claim
* Case Status

User Audit History

Every addition or change in the system is recorded so you have a full record of whats going on. Using simple and easy-to-use reports you can analyse the productivity of each staff member or simply find out who is responsible for a particular action.

To get quote contact us at info@dotvisionsystems.com

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